clay, wheel, body 2016-17

I am teaching, making, and collaborating with sixteen clay enthusiasts at the National Art School, Sydney, April 30 to June 18, 2016:  Marita, Diana, Imogen, Emma, Isabella, Megan, Courtney, Stephanie, Sam, Bianca, Gillian, Justin, Dennis, Andrea, GinaQ with Rachel Dreyfus, potter and talented intern with Public Programs. I can’t fully name them all here, but they know who they are.

I have called this public program course ‘Clay, Wheel, Body’. My focus is to go BIG. And we are … getting there … surprising one another with the leaps and gains after each week’s risk, a-bodied play, handiwork.

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too busy to take Many photographs, but here is a taste with roving photos by diana h and emma y (thanks)
hot shoe connections:

1 wheel, camera, making

2 potters on periscope

Liz Larner in Season 8 of ART21 “Art in the Twenty-First Century” (2016)


More clay-body-wheel fun from July 23 to September 17:

Wheel-forming Techniques

as part of the NAS Short Course Program, Term Three, 2016

National Art School Public Programs Wheel-forming Techniques (Louise Boscacci)


       clay studio August 2016

17 September 2016 National Art School ceramics Public Program

17 September 2016


3d printing clays (and mud) at multiple scales

August 2016 

  1. worlds-largest-delta-style-3d-printer-can-print-nearly-zero-cost-housing-out-of-mud 

2. Illawarra Highlands local other-than-human clay builders

termite clay builders, Illawarra highlands, 2016
termite clay builders, Illawarra highlands, 2016