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2016   PhD, University of Wollongong, Australia

The Trace of An Affective Object Encounter: a picture postcard, its provocations, and processual becomings 

2000    Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), National Art School, Sydney

1983    Bachelor of Science (Hons. 1; Terrestrial Ecology), James Cook University, Australia

1981    Bachelor of Science (Marine Zoology; Zoology majors), James Cook University, Australia

1996   Diploma in Arts (Ceramics) 1994-6, East Sydney Tech/ National Art School, Sydney | 1993 Certificate in Ceramics, Studio, Sydney Institute of Technology, NSW | 1992 Certificate in Art Photography, National Art School, Sydney NSW

 Principal Solo Exhibitions

2017    Tell me about the wind, King Street Gallery on William, Sydney (April–May)

2012    Archive Place (Twilight). Hope Gallery, University of Wollongong, NSW

2011    Three Hemispheres. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney (Art Month Sydney)

2008    Solace Works. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2006    Return (Porcelain: time, light, loss). Rex Irwin, Sydney

2004    Blue Chamber. Rex Irwin, Sydney

2004    From where I stand: ceramic contemplations of place and displacement. JamFactory Contemporary

Craft and Design (2004 Adelaide Festival of the Arts)

2003    Chemistry Set. Newcastle Region Art Gallery (Contemporary Project Space), NSW

2002    Calvino’s Hinterland. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2001    Ten memos in return. Perc Tucker Regional Gallery (Showcase), Townsville, Qld

2000    Porcelain for ‘Federation Line’, Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

1998    Leaf Shadow Ash Water, Mura Clay Gallery, Sydney

1997    Poems for Land and Bodythe Birdwood Series, TAP Gallery, Sydney

 Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Scotland (June).

2017 water objects – echoes: Louise Boscacci and Toni Warburton, The Cross Arts Projects Sydney, March 11 – April 8. Two-person, co-curated exhibition.

2016 Dark Forms, National Gallery of Australia: a curated exhibition by Dr Robert Bell from the Australian Decorative Arts and Design Collection, 13 November 2015 – 12 August 2016. Featuring ‘Flask for Dew’, 2002.

2015    Turn, Turn, Turn: The Studio Ceramics Tradition at the National Art School. NAS Gallery, National Art School, Sydney. June 5 – August 8, 2015. [Statement: https://louiseboscacci.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/1_boscacci_flow_chance2015.pdf]

2014    Cicada Waterfall: collaborative ceramics with Elisabeth Cummings exhibited in Elisabeth Cummings: A Still Life; King Street Gallery on William, Sydney

 2013    Ecoarts 2013. Innovation Centre,University of Wollongong. Ecoarts Annual Conference 2013,   Wollongong, NSW.

2012    Creative Director’s Choice. Australian Ceramics Triennale. JamFactory, Adelaide SA

2012    Melbourne Art Fair: Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2011    Picasso Black and White Christmas Show. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2011    Mark Making, Sabbia Gallery, Sydney

2010    Clay Energy Masters Exhibition, Cudgegong Gallery, Gulgong, Australia. The 2010 International Ceramics Symposium, Australia.

2010    Melbourne Art Fair: Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2009    Collect London. Saatchi Gallery, London, UK. Rep: Raglan Gallery, Sydney

2009    Beaker Culture. Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney. Co-Curator; 2009 Australian Ceramics Triennale, Sydney. Co-curator: Patricia Dean.

2009    Heads. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney, Australia

2008    Salute. Fusions Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland

2008    Australian Ceramic Stories. Dubbo Regional Gallery/ The Amati Bequest, Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo, NSW (Series: Solastalgia is a new word, I hear)

2008    Melbourne Art Fair. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney.

2008    Important Drawings, Prints and Ceramics. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney. Catalogue.

2007    SOFA (Sculpture, Objects & Functional Art), Chicago. Raglan Gallery, Sydney

2007    Townsville Ceramic Awards, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville, Qld

2007    The Jug Show. All Hand Made Gallery, Sydney

2007    The Things we do… Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2006    Clay Statements NSW 09. At: Verge: 11th National Ceramics Conference July 2006, Brisbane, Qld

2006    Important Works on Paper, Sculpture and Ceramics. Rex Irwin, Sydney, Australia

2006    Melbourne Art Fair: Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2005    The Sea. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2005    Important Works on Paper and Ceramics. Rex Irwin, Sydney

2005    Art Sydney 05. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2004    Melbourne Art Fair 2004: Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2003    Fifty-Years of Collecting Australian Ceramics. Newcastle Region Art Gallery, NSW

2003    Important Works on Paper, Sculpture and Ceramics. Rex Irwin, Sydney

2003    Ceramics 2003: the Australian and New Zealand Context. Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery, Campbelltown, NSW. National.

2002    Important Works on Paper, Sculpture and Ceramics. Rex Irwin, Art Dealer, Sydney

2001    Contemporary Ceramics. Nick Mitzevich Gallery, Newcastle, New South Wales

2001    SOFA 2001. Chicago, USA. Rep: Narek Galleries, NSW

2001    Skin and Bone. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

2001     Recent Acquisitions. Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery, Campbelltown, NSW

2001     Important Works on Paper and Important Ceramics. Rex Irwin Sydney

2000    Ceramics 2000: the Australian Context. Campbelltown City Art Gallery, NSW.

2000    Australian Landscapes. Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney

1999    Alumination 99. Cell Block Theatre, National Art School, Sydney

1998    New Voices in Clay. Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Manly, Sydney

1997    Seventh Birthday Show. Mura Clay Gallery, Sydney Word of Mouth 7. Ardt Gallery, Sydney

1996    Touch. Ceramics Diploma Graduate Exhibition. Cell Block, National Art School, Sydney

1995    Interlock. Artspace, Sydney.

1995    Suspension. Cell Block Theatre, East Sydney.

1992    Graduate Photography Show. Cell Block Theatre, National Art School, Sydney


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Newcastle, NSW; Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney; Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery, NSW; University of New South Wales Art Collection; Dr C & E Laverty Collection, Sydney; University of Wollongong Art Collection, NSW. Private collections: Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Awards, Grants, Residencies

2013    Australia Council New Work Grant (Visual Arts Board): Pulse_Pause (2013-2015)

2011    Australian Postgraduate (Research) Award, University of Wollongong, Australia

2009    Australia Council London Studio (October 2009 – January 2010): Object, Place, Time

2007    Townsville Ceramic Awards: Scott Brickworks and Rainford Award, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Queensland

2004    Australia Council New Work Grant (Visual Arts Board): Textural Translucencies

1996    TAFE NSW State Medal (Arts: Ceramics)

1982    University Medal (Biological Sciences), James Cook University, Australia

Lectures and Presentations; Symposia and Conferences

2016      The Work of Art: Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference; Australian National University Canberra, 1–3 December 2016. Roundtable convenor with Dr Susan Ballard (University of Wollongong, AU) and Bridie Lonie (University of Otago, NZ).

2016      Global Ecologies – Local Impacts: The Sixth Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature, Environment & Culture, Australia & New Zealand (ASLEC-ANZ) in collaboration with the Sydney Environment Institute (SEI). Artists’ Roundtable presentation. University of Sydney, 23–25 November 2016.

2015      Turn, Turn, Turn: The Studio Ceramics Tradition at the National Art School. Artist talk, Flow and Chance, 5 June 2015, NAS Gallery, National Art School, Sydney. https://louiseboscacci.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/1_boscacci_flow_chance2015.pdf].

2014      Affective Habitus: New Environmental Histories of Botany, Zoology and Emotions, ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. Australian National University 19 – 21 June 2014. Paper: After-Affect Skin Songs (PhD thesis chapter).

2010      Clay Energy. Invited Master Artist (Australia). International Ceramics Festival, 27 April–2 May 2010, Gulgong, New South Wales. Artist Lecture: New Empiricists. Based on museums, collections and contemporary practices research during an Australia Council London Studio Residency 2009–2010. Gulgong Opera House, Gulgong, Australia, 29 April 2010.

2008      Australian Ceramic Stories Forum, 12 April 2008. Invited Speaker. Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo, New South Wales.  In association with Australian Ceramic Stories, 5 April–31 May 2008. Artist Lecture: Hold, Trace, Listen 2008.

2003      Process in Contemporary Art. Invited Artist. Contemporary Ceramics Symposium, 13 July 2003. Newcastle Region Art Gallery, New South Wales. Artist Lecture: Groundtruthing Project 2003.


 2001 Vision Purple, 2001. Site-specific installation (ceramic objects, acrylic). The Co-operative Research Centre for Eye Technology Research, University of New South Wales. Curator: Belinda Ward. University of NSW Art Collection, Sydney.

 Selected Publications

        Research-composition blog with short essays and creative documents, 2012 -2016:  https://louiseboscacci.net/

Practice and research blog ‘Groundtruthing Projects’, 2007-2009: http://groundtruthings.blogspot.com.au/

2004 – 2016

Boscacci, L 2016, ‘Ways to Cross Country: On “Thinking Landscape”’, Material Ecologies Research Network/ MECO blog, 30 October 2016, http://www.uowblogs.com/meco/2016/10/30/ways-to-cross-country-a-response-to-thinking-landscape/

Boscacci, L 2016, ‘A-bodied: How to Make a River Bowl’, Yarrobil, issue 3, pp 15-22.

Boscacci, L 2015, ‘The Archive in Contemporary Art: a literature review’, International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, vol. 3, no. 8, pp 1-8.

Boscacci, L 2014, ‘Cicada Waterfall: A Still-moving Collaboration between Louise Boscacci and Elisabeth Cummings, The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol. 53, no.3, pp 23 – 25. [See also: http://issuu.com/kingstreetgallery/docs/cummings-low_res_version/3?e=5022990/8508743].

Boscacci, L 2013, ‘Pulse-Pause: Exploring Eco-ethical Aesthetics in the Shadow Places’, in Curtis, D & Aguilar, L (eds), Linking Art and the Environment: Proceedings of the First EcoArts Australis Conference, 12-13 May 2013, Wollongong, NSW, EcoArts Australis Inc, Wollongong AU.

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 Other Artist-Authored Articles and Reviews

Boscacci, Louise. “The Art of Bell ringing.” The Journal of Australian Ceramics 46.1 (2007): 62-64.

Boscacci, Louise. “Gestures accumulate: Lookout by Toni Warburton at Mori Gallery.” The Journal of Australian Ceramics 46.1 (2007): 25-27.

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Current and Recent Appointments

2017 Postdoctoral Research Associate (Honorary), The Material Ecologies Research Network (MECO), School of the Arts, English and Media, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, University of Wollongong, Australia

2017 Lecturer, Ceramics BFA and MFA programs, the National Art School, Sydney (Sessional)

2017 Tutor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Environmental Humanities program), University of New South Wales, Australia (Sessional)

2016 Tutor, Contemporary Arts/ Visual Arts, School of the Arts, English and Media, University of Wollongong, Australia (Sessional)

Scientific Research and Tertiary Education

1981 Research Officer (Marine Biology), School of Biological Sciences, James Cook University, Australia: Electron microscopy of radulae of tropical Onchidium spp.

1981 Research Assistant (Marine Zoology), School of Biological Sciences, James Cook University, Australia: Tropical coastal and inner reef fish larvae taxonomic research. Laboratory microscopy and research vessel surveys.

1983 South Australian Museum, Adelaide (Mammals Department): Honorary Accession Officer after travelling, walking and living in Central Australia.

1984-1987 Vertebrate Survey Zoologist, Biological Survey and Biogeography Unit (Conservation Reserve Assessment), Wildlife Research Centre, Western Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management, Perth (now WA Department Parks and Wildlife): Mammal Survey Team Leader, Executive Officer (Nullarbor Survey Report). Australian Nullarbor and multiple sites South West Western Australia.

1988 – 1991 Associate Lecturer, Senior Associate Lecturer (full time), School of Biological Sciences University of Sydney: lectures, laboratory course facilitation and supervision, practical course unit author.

Contemporary Arts: Tertiary Education 

2016 Lecturer and Tutor, Contemporary Arts (Visual Arts/ Art Theory), School of the Arts, English and Media, University of Wollongong, AU (Sessional).

2016-7 Lecturer, Public Programs (Ceramics), National Art School: ‘Clay, Wheel, Body’. March 30 – June 18; July – September 2016; Summer School, January 2017.

2016 Tutor, Contemporary Arts (Visual Arts/ Art Theory), School of the Arts, English and Media, University of Wollongong, AU: Globalisation and Contemporary Art (critical Anthropocene and climate change focus; Dr Su Ballard)

2016 Research Assistant (Contract), the Material Ecologies Research Network, University of Wollongong, AU

2015 Research Assistant (Contract), Artists, Scientists, and other Animals, Dr Nicole Evans, University of Wollongong, AU

2000-2003 Lecturer, Course Author and Public Programs Tutor (Ceramics), National Art School, Sydney

Ceramics Studio Courses authored:

2006 Time and Clay: Public Programs, National Art School, Sydney

2002 Contemporary Pots, Traditional Means: Public Programs, National Art School

2002 Studio Theory (Historical Survey and Contemporary Practice), Ceramics Years 2 and 3; BFA undergraduate degree course, National Art School, Sydney

2001 The Possibilities of Paperclay: Public Programs, National Art School, Sydney

2001 Ceramics HSC Extension Course, National Art School, Sydney

 Professional Affiliations

The Material Ecologies Research Network, University of Wollongong Australia; AAANZ; Aslec-ANZ; Australian Ceramics Association, Umbrella Studio, Qld.