Call and Response Writing on Water

An interdisciplinary conference organised by Camille Roulière and Jennifer Rutherford:

H2O: Life and Death (2017) Programme

On page 9, I collaborate with research associate and author Dr Pip Newling to continue to co-develop a mode of call and response writing from and within bodily encounter—and water.

This project began in June 2016 via a shared blog process of cross-writing. To and fro. Call and response. The method was suggested by adolescent Grey Butcherbirds learning to sing in country at the end of summer. To be particular, they hung out in the crabapple and Japanese maple tree close to the house where I have installed a cool water ‘station’ for avian friends on hot days. It has become a social gathering and singing place.  The birds move out to other low branches in the messmate and peppermint forest patch a short flight away, extending the cross-singing, vocalising near and far to one another. 

The first iteration of this collaborative writing was our gallery forum trialogue in April at water objects—echoes: Louise Boscacci and Toni Warburton (2017). Check out the exhibition e-book courtesy of the fantastic Jo Holder and the Cross Art Projects.

here is the e-book ☛