Postcards from the Anthropocene: BOOK LAUNCH


Title: Postcards from the Anthropocene. Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation
Editors: Benek Cincik, Tiago Torres-Campos
Editorial Advisor: César Reyes Nájera
Contributions by: Adam Bobbette, Alex Hackett and Alix Villanueva, Alexandra Halkias, Angelos Siampakoulis, Barbara Prezelj, Belén Cerezo, Bengi Güldogan, Blanca Pujals and Laurie Robins, Charles Danby and Rob Smith, Christoph Solstreif-Pirker, David Habets, Federico Ruberto, Guillermo León Gómez, Ian Rothwell, Ifor Duncan, Jane Turner, Jo Atherton, Joanna Zylinska, John Cook, Josef Barla, Jussi Parikka, Lindsay Bremner, Leila Armstrong, Leonie Mhari and Andy Zhang, Lisa Hirmer, Louise Boscacci, Lucy HG Solomon, Marianna Tsionki, Mark Peter Wright, Miikka Laihinen, Neslihan Tepehan, Nigel Clark, Nikos Katsikis, OPPO + Deniz Tümerdem, Patricia and Angus Macdonald, Rona Lee, Smudge Studio – Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse, Sneha Sumanth, Stine Alling Jacobsen, Susan Schuppli, Vicki Kerr, Wood Roberdeau, Benek Çinçik and Tiago Torres-Campos.
Design: María Buey González
Languague: English
Copy-editing and proofreading:Daniel Lacasta Fitzsimmons
Cover: Softcover with flaps
Date: Spring 2022 / Summer 2022
ISBN eBook: 978-84-122529-1-0
ISBN: 978-84-949388-7-0
Publisher: dpr-barcelona

It has been a real pleasure to be a contributor to this thoughtful, undisciplined project. From my perspective, it began in April 2017 when I sent a digital postcard, a voice reading, and a short text to Edinburgh for the exhibition of the same name: Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation

Congratulations to Benek Cincik and Tiago Torres-Campos, curators of that first event, and subsequently, persistent editors of the book that travelled through two years of the worst of the pandemic to be here whole, today. Such a beautifully designed book by María Buey González. Thank you to dpr-barcelona (“Books are Louder than Bombs”).

There will be more to come on my essay in this book—the why, and ‘the whoms’ for which I wrote it —soon.

– 22 April 2022