November 2012

Collaborative Porcelain

“Porcelain carries a backpack of history to this continent of contradictions. Long established in the cultures of China and Korea, it also totes its dark, enthralling origin in Europe with Bottger’s captive experimentation towards an arcanum for ‘white gold’. In a relatively brief time, the fickle paste led to factory output for porcelain collecting to ceiling-high excess by European gentry, in turn gently satirised by makers such as Meissen’s Johann Kaendler. Porcelain does not let me forget this, here, southern hemisphere, 21C, whether handling buttery Limoges, Les Blakebrough’s austral arcanum of ‘Ice’, or mixing it with paper pulp derived, at least in part, from contested remnant forests…..”. (Boscacci L, 2007, The Art of Bell Ringing, Journal of Australian Ceramics, vol 46,1).

Elisabeth Cummings and Louise Boscacci 2012

Boscacci and Cummings 2012

Collaborative porcelain platter donated to Friends of the National Art School Annual Fundraising Plate Auction. Cell Block Theatre, National Art School, November 15, 2012.