‘Encounters with and within the Anthropocene: Speculating on Particular-Planetary Aesthetics’—AAANZ 2019

AAANZ 2019: Ngā Tūtaki: Encounter/s: Agency, Embodiment, Exchange, Ecologies.

I am looking ahead to convening two connected panels with artists and researchers Perdita Phillips and Sally Ann McIntyre at the upcoming conference in Auckland, December 3-6.

The first is a pre-defined panel where we each will present papers—more details on this existing session (title and papers) to come when the final conference program of all sessions and speakers is released.

Our second panel is open to the CALL FOR PAPERS – 1 JULY to Friday, 16 AUGUST (5pm NZ time). Here is the Abstract and details of our panel and call:

Encounters with and within the Anthropocene: Speculating on Particular-Planetary Aesthetics

Session convenor(s): Louise Boscacci (University of Wollongong & the National Art School, Australia); Perdita Phillips (Contemporary Artist/ Independent Researcher, Australia); Sally Ann McIntyre (Contemporary Artist/ Independent Researcher, Aotearoa New Zealand). Submit paper proposals to: louiseb@uow.edu.au

Listen. A Southern Boobook Owl is calling in the fresh dark. It is 6:58 pm, 9 June 2019. She is heard but not seen. She reminds us that the work of art in the Anthropocene continues to be interrogated by contemporary artists, writers, theorists and historians. In this age of extinction and climate-change, many are working to expand alternative critical frameworks and modes in which the human is more-than-human and the social is an ecosocial domain.

How are artist-researchers in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand responding to the push and pull—the effects, affects and implications—of the Anthropocene-in-the-making? This follow-on panel explores the bodily encounter as a vital waymaker of contemporary art praxis and action. We situate this in a developing ‘field’ of particular-planetary aesthetics that emerges from feminist ecosocial thinking and pivots towards local and affect-engaged practices. We delve into diverse contemporary practices that trace and make planetary connections and ecologies of relations in multispecies naturecultures: connections and intersections that can be unknown, unpredictable or provocative; speculations, narratives or poetic reveals. Papers by the convenors will detail encounters with colonial-era ornithological collections, shadow ecologies of zinc mined in northern Australia Country, and seepages and flows of water through granite and swamp lands.

We invite twenty-minute papers or presentations on art practices, collaborations, alliances, or speculations that take the pulse of what is happening now in the capricious spaces of attunement to the Anthropocene-in-the-making. Proposals for alternative presentations in media and methods other than a scholarly paper are welcome.



AAANZ CONFERENCE WEBSITE: http://aaanz.info/aaanz-home/conferences/2019-conference/nga-tutaki-encounter-s-call-for-papers/

CONTEXT:  This is my third in a series of co-convened panels since 2016 that is critically curious about the work of art—the work of contemporary artists/ makers plus art writers, theorists, historians and curators— in response to (or resistance to) the Anthropocene-in-the-making.

2018: ‘More-than-human Social Relations in the Anthropocene: Art, Extinction and nonhuman futures at home and abroad’—with Phillipa Newling; at RMIT, Melbourne.

2016: ‘Affect, Capital, and Aesthetics: Critical Climate Change and Art History’—with Su Ballard and Bridie Lonie; at ANU, Canberra.


Connect this work to:

2019 – forthcoming, in: Postcards from the Anthropocene. Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation. Benek Cincik, Tiago Torres-Campos (eds.). dpr-barcelona, Barcelona. http://www.dpr-barcelona.com/index.php?/ongoing/anthropocene/

Postacrds from the Anthropocene

2019 –  ‘Ecologising Affect and Atmosphere in the Anthropocene: Dear Rachel’ (chapter essay) and multiple ‘atmospheres’ (short narratives and vignettes) in: 100 Atmospheres: Studies in Scale and Wonder (the MECO network), Open Humanities Press, London (begun 2016) – http://www.openhumanitiespress.org/books/titles/one-hundred-atmospheres/

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22 June 2019

and, where this all began (to be articulated): 

2016 –  The Trace of An Affective Object Encounter: a picture postcard, its provocations, and processual becomings (PhD thesis, University of Wollongong, Australia) — http://ro.uow.edu.au/theses/4725/