Image (detail): Above Port Kembla (you are one of my shadow places too), 2011–2020.


Ngā Tūtaki: Encounter/s:

Agency, Embodiment, Exchange, Ecologies.

AAANZ 2019 ConferenceDecember 3-6, Auckland/ Tāmaki Makaurau

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I have had the pleasure in collaboration with Perdita Phillips and Sally Ann McIntyre to convene two connected series of panels for the AAANZ conference in 2019:

Affective Encounters, Shadow Traces, and Resonant Naturecultures in the Anthropocene: Particular-planetary aesthetics in the feminist ecosocial turn.


Encounters with and within the Anthropocene: Speculating on Particular-Planetary Aesthetics.

 Call for Papers (1 July - 16 August 2020) - more here 

🦉This is our introductory panel:

Affective Encounters, Shadow Traces, and Resonant Naturecultures in the Anthropocene: Particular-planetary aesthetics in the feminist ecosocial turn.

Presenters: Louise Boscacci, National Art School and the University of Wollongong, Australia; Perdita Phillips, Contemporary Artist/ Independent Researcher, Australia; Sally Ann McIntyre, Contemporary Artist/ Independent Researcher, Aotearoa New Zealand.


Listen. There. A Southern Boobook Owl is calling in the fresh dark. It is 6:58 pm, 9 June 2019. She reminds us that the work of art in the Anthropocene is under interrogation by contemporary artists, theorists and historians. New collaborations across the emerging open-field of the postconventional arts and humanities are creating alternative critical frameworks to engage with: the human is more-than-human and the social is an ecosocial domain in this age of extinction and climate change.

How are artist-researchers in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand responding to the impingements and implications—the effects and affects—of the Anthropocene-in-the-making? This panel highlights and explores the affective encounter as a vital waymaker of contemporary art praxis and action. Here we name, make, listen, think and intervene with three instances of particular-planetary aesthetics that emerge from the feminist ecosocial pivot towards local, embodied and affect-engaged practices that also trace and make planetary connections. Each begins with a bodily encounter, or an encounter-exchange.

Through multispecies conversations and resonances we listen to the faint signals of extinct New Zealand birds in the noise of history, lost traces re-collected from encounters with colonial-era ornithological collections re-figured as ‘minor’ memorials and re-sited within their original landscapes (McIntyre); trace, wit(h)ness and sound shadow ecologies of zinc entangled with extractive colonisation of Country in northern Australia, in the here and now (Boscacci); and follow the water down mountains to the sea, as the rocks, water, weeds and humans of Albany deal with seeping, maintaining, flooding, and repairing (Phillips).

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More details when the full programme is released.

Archive: AAANZ 2019 Final Conference Schedule 26.11.2019 (November 21, 2019)


Update: December 4, 2020: The final conference program is here: