Been poking around with #fire and local volcanic earth #clayfromdam and suburban ‘waste’ #wood again. Exploring alt-sustainable and CO2-neutral ways to make. Fabulous to facilitate an #anagama kiln event with Simon Bowley, Gwenna Green, Peter Schmid, Roger Crawford, and students at #SturtContemporary @craftndesign, Mittagong Australia.

Anagama = (Japanese) cave kiln. I now call this a #wombat kiln – local common ground architecture that inspires and resonates with the longstanding Japanese potters’ brilliance in building structures to hold and transform with fire #goingunderground+fire


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Anagama firing; Boodie 1, 2 (before) and 3 (after). New ways with local earth (volcano-birthed basalt rendered to clay over millennia), reclaimed wood (cypress pine tree cut down and designated as unwanted ‘waste’), fire, stoked combustion, atmosphere, days and nights, late dry ‘winter’. Carbon accounting to neutral as a minimal end point. Avoiding liquid petroleum gas, coal seam (“natural”) gas, and coal-electricity; but still producers of CO2 CO, SO2 N2O, H2O, and so on.

#SturtContemporary @craftndesign #Illawarra #firedupaboutmarsups #30extant30extinctmammals #DisrespectingExtinction #StriatedPardalote

BOODIE 1 2 3, 2019



Anagama kiln firing at Sturt Contemporary, Mittagong Australia, Jul 25—28, 2019.

“Anagram a firing” arrived as a glitch in email communication by one of us – smart phones need to be trained in cross-cultural languages – so we kept it. A perfect combustion of elements—experienced, material, technological, imagined, and unbidden.